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President REV. DR. Colin Godwin Releases New Book on Anabaptist MEDITATIONS

    Carey Theological College is excited to announce the release of Anabaptist Meditations: Thirty Days of Biblical Reflection from the Founders of the Tradition, written by our very own President, Rev. Dr. Colin Godwin. This book was inspired by Colin's earlier research into sixteenth-century Anabaptist missiology (more on this below), and is a historical/theological devotional book designed for individuals and small groups.

    The book has received high praise from author and seasoned church planter, Stuart Murray, who states, "Colin Godwin's Anabaptist Meditations provides an accessible and attractive set of devotional readings that integrate biblical, historical, and contemporary reflections alongside discussion questions designed to provoke deeper engagement. The book is a very helpful introduction to Anabaptist spirituality."

    Click the video to hear Colin talk about his new book:

    Anabaptist Meditations was published by Pandora Press and is also available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats.

    Colin has also written on Anabaptist mission in the sixteenth-century context. In his first book Baptizing, Gathering, and Sending: Anabaptist mission in the sixteenth-century context (Pandora Press, 2012), he re-evaluates Anabaptist mission in its historical and theological context and argues for a distinct Anabaptist missionary experience framed by the missionary intent and practice of the Catholic, Lutheran, and Reformed Churches.

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