Carey partners with distinguished institutions to give our students the opportunity for an Accelerated program.


The Prairie Bible College and Carey Theological College partnership brings an accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program for those interested in pastoral ministry leadership. Christian leaders of today require focused and relevant skills to be effective ministers of the gospel. The Integrated Bachelor of Arts in Ministry + Master of Divinity applies intellectual and theological rigour to help you develop a deep and clear grasp on your faith, allowing you to contextualize your ideas faithfully.

Students in this program will benefit from:

  • A total of 144 credits (compared to 192 if taken separately)
  • Shorter to complete (5 years vs. 7 years of full-time study)
  • Cost savings due to fewer credits and a shorter time frame
  • Delve into all 66 books of the Bible (the full Canon)
  • A deeper and broader theological education with less duplication between levels of education
If the Accelerated Program Pathway is right for you, please talk to our academic advisors or our partner institution’s academic advisors to help you plan out an academic progression plan for you.
Students with previous theological training from a recognized institution may be eligible to receive some credit toward their program of study at Carey, through credit transfer, shared credit, or advanced standing.

Assessment of shared/transfer credit and advanced standing is normally done in conjunction with admission, though the two decisions are made independently. Indicating your desire for an assessment of shared/transfer credit and/or advanced standing is a part of your admissions process.

For more information on our Shared/Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing policies, please refer to our Academic Catalogue.