NEW STUDENT Welcome Guide

Welcome to Carey Theological College. Whether you are still contemplating applying to Carey, or you're a newly accepted student, this guide will introduce you to the various platforms you use, and what to expect in your time at Carey.

This is the welcome page to the Welcome Guide. You can navigate with the menu to different topics, and we recommend becoming familiar with all of these topics. We will try to maintain these pages to keep them as up to date as we can. If you ever need a refresher, or something changes, return here as often as you want.

Keep your eye out for this little icon on these pages and else where. It'll usually appear in the bottom right hand corner. It is a good place to find answers to frequently asked questions, or even a contact form you can use to get in touch with us.

Platform Introduction

Throughout these pages you will see reference to different software and platforms used at Carey. Here is a brief introduction to each one:

  • Populi: We make use of the Populi SIS (Student Information System) at Carey, but not just to handle your files and student information. It is also our LMS (Learning Management System) which is where course work is stored and accessed, where you can engage fellow students in Groups, and also where you can make payments. In many ways, it is one of the central platforms at Carey.
  • Video Conferencing Software: We currently make use of the Zoom platform to host synchronous class meetings, though as further platforms develop we are always looking out for the best software that suits our needs. It may be useful to have some familiarity with various other platforms, such as Google Meets, FaceTime, Skype, or Microsoft Teams as potential options when meeting with others.
  • Libraries: Our library resources are handled through EBSCO and Digital Theological Library (DTL2), giving students access to textbooks online. We're committed to making required resources as close to 100% free as possible to eliminate financial barriers to your education.