The Populi SIS (Student Information System)

At Carey Theological College we use the Populi SIS to handle student files, payments, registration, and even for courses. As you progress through your program, you will become quite familiar with the platform, but you can always return here if you need a refresher.

Populi Introduction

Once you have submitted an application and have been accepted into a program, you will have received an email to set up your user account for Populi. This will be the central place for all of your academic information, so we recommend setting a strong password, and ensuring you don't share you login information with anyone else.

Whether you currently have an account or not, you start learning about Populi in their Introduction Guide.

Your Populi Academic Information

To find your academic information, such as course info, transcripts, and degree information, check out Populi's Academic Information Guides.

Planning Your Degree
Finding Course Information

Any available details for upcoming courses can be found on this website, under the Academics->All Courses (Or by going to this link). This website updates every 24 with the more accurate information we have on hand. If you are looking for more information, please do not contact the Registrar's Office or any other administrative staff. What is on the website is what we have. However, you are more than welcome to contact the professor on record if their contact information is available.

Course Syllabi

A copy of the course syllabus can be found either on the page for each course, or in the course's information on Populi. Both Populi and the website will have the most up to date version available to us.

A final version of the syllabus will be available two months before the course begins. A few notes regarding this:

  • Syllabus may be available from 9-6 months before the course begins, however these should not be considered final version. Faculty may make changes to the course leading up to the two month deadline.
  • After the two month deadline for the final version, faculty may still change some details, but they must communicate these changes with any students actively registered in the course.
  • Faculty will often communicate through the course dashboard on Populi, so we recommend registering for the course as soon as you plan to take the course so you can stay up to date to any syllabus changes.
Course Rotation

Most of our foundation courses will be offered on an annual rotation, and typically in the same term. So if you miss BIBL 502 in the Winter, you can expect it to be offered again in the next Winter term.
As well, many other required courses will be offered on a bi-annual rotation. Electives and other special courses (e.g. in-depth book studies, or special topics) may only be offered every four years, and we recommend registering for them as they show up.

Course Prerequisites

As it currently stands, the only courses that require any prerequisite are the APPL 801/802 courses, which should be completed near the end of your degree, and any language courses (e.g. Greek and Hebrew). All other courses can be taken out of order, if desired. I.e., you can take Old Testament II before Old Testament I, or APPL 620 at the same time as Christian Thought I. We typically recommend taking the foundation courses first, but students are free to take courses in whatever order they wish.

Registering for Courses

We try to open registration an entire year ahead so that students can start to plan which courses they would like to take. To find more details on how to register in Populi, please consult this guide.

Populi's Degree Audit Function

Within Populi there is a degree audit function that you can use to determine what courses you still need to take before finishing your degree. Combined with the list of courses available to register, you can plan to finish your degree in the timeframe you desire, and at the pace you think would work best for you.

Your Populi Courses

While attending courses, you will need to know the basic structure of lessons, how to submit assignments, engage in discussions, and even use their mobile apps if you want. Check out Populi's Course Guides.

And Videos!

Like all the cool Youtubers out there, Populi also has videos for some of it's guides as well.