We try to keep the most up to date forms below, lumped into various categories.

Admissions Forms

For a full list of Carey's academic programs, visit Carey's degrees programs page.

Use the following forms to apply for our degree programs:

Transfer/Shared Credits, Advanced Standing and Exemptions: Students with previous theological training from a recognized institution may be eligible to receive some credit toward their program of study at Carey. Before starting the application, please read through the relevant policies on Carey's Academic Catalogue (pp.34-36). When you’re ready to apply, fill out the Transfer/Shared Credits, Advanced Standing and Exemptions Application Form. The evaluation process will take approximately 1-2 weeks upon receipt of your application and payment.

Academic Forms

Withdrawal/Leave of Absence: Students who wish to withdraw from a course must first submit a Withdrawal Form; Students who do not complete 6 credits of coursework within two sequential academic years will be classified as inactive. In order to retain active student status within the degree program, students must apply for a leave of absence by submitting the Leave of Absence Application Form

Change of Specialization/Program: Students who wish to change their streams of study or switch to a different Master’s program (excluding MDiv) from another Master’s program can do so by submitting the Program Switch Application Form.

Apply for Graduation: All Carey students must apply for graduation prior to receiving official transcripts and diplomas by submitting an Graduation Application Form. This notifies the Registrar's Office of your intention to graduate and allows us to conduct an audit of your program history to verify your eligibility.

Financial Forms

Financial Aid Application: To apply for Financial Aid for the 2021-2022 academic year, fill out the 2021-2022 Financial Aid Application Form and submit it by the late registration deadline of the intended term. Make sure you have carefully read through the Financial Aid page and understand the relevant policies and rules.

Payment Plan Application: Payment plan is available upon request. Please fill out the 2021-2022 Payment Plan Application Form if you require assistance this way.