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Theological Education for the Whole People of God

Carey is committed to providing theological education to all corners of the world. This has been part of our DNA since we first began our first theological programs in the 80s. In this age of advanced technology, we are able to utilize tools of the virtual classroom to deliver content, promote discussion, provide mentorship, and build community. Our incoming class of 30 for the Fall 2019 cohort represents students studying from 11 different countries. As they study with us, they continue to serve in their ministry context and bring their different experiences and perspectives to add richness to our shared learning platform.

Our faculty also works hard to improve the quality of our teaching, ensuring we can use the available technology to best serve our students. In July, core and adjunct faculty for both English and Chinese courses participated in a professional development workshops funded by the Wabash Centre for the Teaching of Theology and Religion. Experienced educators, Dr. Bernie Potvin and Dr. Nicki Rehn, led a 3-day on-campus workshop on “Promoting active student engagement in online teaching”, followed by a 5-week online coaching for each faculty member to work on their specific course design. 


Carey’s Board, faculty and staff continue a long history of providing theological education for the whole people of God. Carey’s President, Colin Godwin, underlines the importance of this legacy to Carey today. “I was introduced to Carey Theological College in Africa, where under the leadership of Brian Stelck, Carey trained a generation of pastors, evangelists and teachers to serve in their places of ministry. I am excited to see God continuing this work in the next generation of leaders all over the world through our programs at Carey.”

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