Carey Graduation 2020

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    Congratulations to the 64 Carey graduates this year, one of our largest graduating classes ever. Although we cannot gather for a physical ceremony this year, Carey's board of administration, faculty and staff want to celebrate their success and remember God's faithfulness. 
    The motto of Carey Theological College is “Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.” Our graduates have expected great things from God. They have attempted great things for God. They have reached the end of this part of your journey of ministry formation. Congratulations also to children, spouses, parents and friends who have supported them through this journey and can now celebrate not only the piece of paper that they will frame on their wall, but also the new opportunities for vacations spent without a suitcase full of books in tow.

    To all our graduates, please know that although we are not together for graduation this year, our Board, faculty and staff have commended you to God in prayer. We are praying that He would use you mightily for the work of the Gospel, as an ambassador of Jesus Christ, to live as salt and light in the world, for the work of proclamation, reconciliation, healing, serving others and edifying the body of Christ, His Church.

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