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The Student Life Office at Carey Theological College is responsible for serving all theological students. They are responsible for serving people who are just beginning to consider theological education all the way to those completing their graduate programs.



Dr. Ken Radant has served in a general capacity as the Associate Dean, assisting the Dean with academic administration and working closely with the Student Life Office. As our registrar Tim Sanders follows God’s leading to new opportunities in Seattle, Ken is taking on additional duties as the Acting Registrar. This will allow him to more fully engage in supporting the student experience by academic advising, managing student information and records, and preparing for the annual graduation. Ken also has a passion for teaching and is a member of the faculty as an Associate Professor of Theology.

Missy Huegel , the newest member of the team, has joined us as the Associate Registrar. She brings experience as a strong and organized administrator from her work with churches, non-profits, and other institutions. Her role consists of helping students with financial aid, student appeals, and academic advising, all while supporting the general infrastructure of the office. She lived in China for a number of years and is happy to serve students in both English and Mandarin. Contact Missy at

Hank Shih has been enjoying his time as a Student Life Associate. He loves to connect with students and walk alongside them as they work towards graduation. His primary role is assisting students with inquiries and concerns related to the student experience. With a strong customer service background, Hank is ready to work with students to face the various challenges that may arise as they pursue their education. Originally from Taiwan, Hank is able to connect with students in English and Mandarin. Contact Hank at

Rev. Lawrence Yuen serves as the Recruitment and Student Life Coordinator. After serving for over 25 years as an ordained pastor, Lawrence connects with prospective students as they consider formal theological education. He is often out in the community connecting with churches, pastors, and ministries to better understand how Carey can be a partner in mission. Contact Lawrence at

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