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Dr. Clement Tong, Assistant Professor in Biblical Studies and Director of Educational Initiatives (Chinese Ministries), will be concluding his service at Carey Theological College upon completion of his term of service in August to pursue other opportunities.

Dr. Tong came to Carey in March 2015 as a young and enthusiastic scholar helping to restart our Chinese language programs. Six months later, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies. He has served with passion and love in equipping future leaders of the Chinese Christian communities for both the lay and ordained ministry. From recruitment to student care, from program coordination to teaching in the classroom, his friendly presence and sense of humor makes him a well-liked teacher and colleague at Carey.

On this announcement, Dr. Tong says, “I thank the Lord for bringing me to Carey during the last year of my Ph.D. studies and am grateful to Colin and Joyce for taking a chance on me, giving me the opportunity to explore and express different ways to serve Chinese Christian communities through theological education. Over the past four years, I have come to know many wonderful colleagues and friends, and I feel very privileged to have the opportunities to teach and learn from our fabulous students. With the school moving towards a distributed teaching and learning model that aims at global accessibility for students, I feel that it is a good time for us to part ways as I would like to continue to use the face-to-face model to train and help students in the future. May the Lord continue to use Carey to inspire brothers and sisters to expect great things from the Lord, and attempt great things for Him.”

We deeply appreciate Dr. Tong and his dedicated work at Carey and pray that the Lord continue to bless and fulfill His great purpose for him as he continues to live out his calling to teach and equip the people of God.