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I need to thank God for leading my journey to Carey Theological College. The desire of getting equipped and discerning what God’s plan on me had moved me to look for a place to study. I didn’t have much confidence to manage the study of theology course and working at the same time. That’s why I told myself to just give it a try on one course only. Later, I found out that there was an occasional student status which allowed us to try out course without long commitment. Thus, I planned to register the Bible Foundation course to test the water.

Before the registration, I remembered that I met Dr. Joyce Chan couple years ago and therefore I sent an email to seek some advice from her. I was in her office the next morning and was encouraged to try out the Diploma in Cornerstone/Vocational Discernment. When I was on my way back to my office, I counted how many people taken care of me that morning. It was five! It was so amazing that there were “angels” everywhere in this campus. This was my first encountering in Carey.

With the help and guidance of the student life staffs, I successfully passed the application and admitted into the program. I was so excited but worried. I was informed that I needed to attend a five full day intensive orientation week. It was miraculous that my last minute off request was approved even though my working partner was still off as well.

God surprised me with his Grace that it was more than an information sharing meeting! As it was an online course, local students and overseas students were meeting with the professors either in campus or via net-meeting connection. Every morning, we started with a worship to our Lord, witness sharing and prayers. Then, we were walked through by the professors session by session what the course was about and what we need to do. Although it was very intensive, my initial anxiety gradually vanished. During the activities, we had quite a lot of frank sharing that we built up mutual understanding and spiritual support network. By the end of the last day, we all felt like that we were just out of a retreat camp rather than an ordinary orientation. We learned not only the self-study routine, but also the spiritual and theological reflections which would help us to know God and ourselves more throughout the course. We all found that this course was totally different from other subject-oriented courses; it stretched us to know God and ourselves before we would confirm our vocational calling. As usual, I repeated my counting again and thank God for sending so many “angels” clouded around me to start this journey. That’s why I named it as a powerful God-led encounter.



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