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Congratulations to Carey Professor, Dr. Bill Brackney, on the release of his new theological work, The Spirit among the Dissenters: Other Voices in Understanding the Spirit of God (February 2019). The book is published by Wipf and Stock of Eugene, Oregon. Dr. Brackney indicates this is the first of his efforts to produce popular, church-useful scholarship on contemporary theological topics.

Spirit among the Dissenters focuses on the role of the Holy Spirit as the animating force within the church exploring its significance in seven interlocking chapters. The discussion includes a range of topics, from English Baptists in the 1640s, to nineteenth century revivalist Charles G. Finney, to Walter Rauschenbusch, to William Young’s The Shack, Importantly, Brackney advances “Seven Contemporary Affirmations” for the church.

Early reviewers have called the book “a rare gem,” a clever little book,” and “an important contribution to the ongoing development of a global pneumatological conversation.” David E. Goatley, Research Professor at Duke Divinity School, who wrote the Foreword, observed that Brackney has provided an overview from another perspective—that of dissenters, who differ from Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Evangelical perspectives.

Dr. William H. Brackney is Pioneer MacDonald Professor of Baptist Theology and Ethics at Carey Theological College in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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