Carey SUMMER 2022


MEETS monthly on ZOOM

Thursdays 7–8:30 PM (PDT)

Session 1

June 23

Session 2

July 14

Session 3

August 11

The cost of these sessions are supported by a generous donor and therefore is free.

Session 1 - Applying Scripture

Christians apply some biblical commands and instructions directly to our lives, while we seem to “re-interpret” others as “not for us.” As a result, we are accused of following Scripture selectively or even randomly. How do we apply the Bible consistently — and how do we explain this to our suspicious friends and neighbors?

In this session we will discuss a model for applying Scripture designed to give us principled, consistent guidance as we wrestle with the question: “Which passages apply directly to me?”

Session 2 - Identifying “Essentials”

We recognize that some elements in our Christian faith are “essentials,” while other things are secondary and negotiable. But Christians are often divided as to which are which. How can we move past preconceived ideas and have constructive conversations about what is essential and what is disputable in our faith?

In this session we will look at a strategy for “weighing” biblical concepts which helps us to engage in better theological conversations by giving us criteria to distinguish the “essentials” from secondary things.

Session 3 - reliable sources

Our society has become widely confused, and deeply divided, over which sources of information are trustworthy. This makes it hard to know where to start when we face differences of opinion. Are there tools to help us find common ground for conversation about the reliability of our sources?

In this session we will explore some common tools for evaluating evidence, considering how these might help us to have better conversations about debated issues.


We ask that you commit to all or as many of the sessions as possible, because once you have been successfully registered, we will set aside a spot just for you. Priority will be given to those who can attend all sessions.

REGISTRATION CLOSEDPlease contact recruitment@carey-edu.ca if you would like to register

Deadline to submit registration forms is June 16
Confirmation of registration will be emailed on June 20
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Ken Radant

Dr. Radant earned his PhD from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Before joining the Carey team in early 2017, he was Principal, Academic Dean, and Assoc. Prof. of Theology at the ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University. Ken grew up in Calgary, where he developed a life-long love for the mountains and the wilderness.