Ernest Musekiwa



MDIV - 2021


Glenview 3, ZW

Current Position:

President of Christian Missions Theological College and Seminary; Director of Academic Affairs at Worldwide Evangelical seminary

What brought you to Carey?

I came to Carey because I was seeking good quality theological education that would see me obtain an accredited degree. Secondly, I needed a school that could help me realize and fulfill my dream, but, due to financial hardships, I could not find one. After completing my Masters in Bible and Theology at Worldwide Evangelical Seminary, I was informed of the Presidential scholarship for the M.Div. program at Carey. My professor encouraged me to apply and so I did. I was grateful to be one of the recipients of the presidential scholarship which enabled me to pursue my lifelong desire to study at a North American/Canadian accredited school. Plus, I loved the fact that Carey does not require me to leave my work and family but I could study online while continuing to pursue other things. I also chose Carey because of its doctrinal and academic policies. I have been at other schools that failed to hold in great esteem the fundamentals of the Christian faith. But, at Carey, I learned that my faith and doctrine should manifest themselves in the way I love God and others as I participate in the full mission of God in word and deed. I needed a challenging curriculum that would refresh my spirit and inform my mind. Carey had it all!

What was your favourite aspect of your time at Carey?

My favorite time at Carey was the interaction I had with other students in various discussions. Learning from people of different cultural and theological backgrounds helped me to see things from different perspectives and I began to grow in my appreciation of the global church. At first, I had difficulties dealing with some attitudes of other students until I took “The Gospel in a Multi-cultural, Multi-faith” course as well as the course on conflict resolution. I also loved the detailed feedback of the professors, especially Prof. Ken Radant who sharpened my academic skills and thinking processes, something I am also seeing in some professors in the D.Min program. Carey has friendly professors who truly care for the welfare of their students, and I have seen some professors going into great trouble of purchasing the course textbooks that were not available on EBSCO just for some students who did not afford to buy the textbooks to have a chance of passing the course. Such love touched me and I vowed to be like such teachers. The patience and godliness of Carey professors are worth emulating. I never felt like I was studying online. The professors were readily available for us which is something that I greatly needed. The feedback from the assignments was superb as well as the corrections. My whole experience at Carey has been fabulous!

What do you intend to do next?

Currently, I am pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree at Carey. My desire is to remain in the pastoral ministry as a pastor-theologian but also to get more active in theological higher education and train pastoral theologians in third world countries. As soon as I finish my DMin, I will be pursuing a research doctorate (Ph. D.) which I believe will broaden my academic horizon. I want to be a theological educator who builds churches and leaders who are sound in faith and doctrine.

How has your degree helped you in your ministry?

Since attaining my Master of Divinity degree at Carey, I have observed significant changes in the way I conduct my personal life, pastoral and leadership ministry, as well as in the preparation of my sermons and lectures. When I first came to Carey, I had my own ways of doing ministry, which may have been good for me then. However, with study, learning, and coaching, I have become a better student of the Word, a better Christian, and a pastoral-theologian who is a true global citizen. My desire has been to publish biblically sound theological works and textbooks for my fellow African brothers and sisters. The advanced study and research skills I learned at Carey are helping me to do exactly that. I am currently helping local schools to develop theological study guides and textbooks of higher standards that integrate what I learned at Carey and African Christianity. Not only so, but I have also seen new doors of teaching and speaking opportunities opening up to me because of my accredited M.Div. degree which could not have otherwise opened beforehand. Being among people who looks to me for educational leadership and theological training, I feel that the courses I took at Carey have prepared me for this journey and I am thankful for the opportunity that I got at Carey. I have become an active listener to students and others whenever there are some theological or general topics under discussion. I thin above all, I learned to be wise in dealing with people of various cultural backgrounds. My leadership skills have been challenged but what I studied at Carey is keeping me ready for each new challenge.


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