HOw do we teach at carey?

Theological education can often feel disconnected from real-life ministry. Rather than a traditional seminary that teaches only abstract theories and ideas, Carey provides students with practical ministry skills. Carey embodies active learning for real-life ministry through:

Situated in Life (sitz im leben) Learning  - Carey makes use of online teaching to ensure that its students are embedded in their ministerial context. At Carey, the student’s context and ministry become another classroom in itself, helping to shape the curriculum with its own questions and problems. Our students will feel prepared for ministry long before graduating because they will have the experience of learning in the midst of ministry. They will also be prepared for any issues that may arise after they have left Carey, having learned from their fellow students’ ministerial issues. Learning from their fellow classmates’ experiences in tackling these issues will give them real contemporary answers.


Robust Theological Dialogue   Carey makes use of case studies in its courses as a way to make abstract theological concepts come to life in the realities of student ministry contexts. Students can contribute case studies from their own ministerial situation, helping to expand both their own and other students’ learning. These case studies also help to prepare students for the complexities of working in ministry, rather than providing simple and neat answers in a sterile classroom.

Community   Carey understands the importance of community and mentorship alongside theological studies. It is in community that each of us becomes more Christ-like. Within your first year studying in one of our Masters programs you will join a community of fellow students and professors that will meet throughout the entirety of your program (and often beyond). We understand that the pace and strain of theological studies can often leave students feeling isolated and disconcerted. These communities provide a place for reflection, discipleship, and further integrating learning.

Class Zoom Session - Example

Class Meeting via Zoom