Klip Kwan



MDIV - 2022 , DIPMC - 2019


Richmond, CA

Current Position:

I'm the Voluntary Pastor of Vancouver Canaan Church.

What brought you to Carey?

I met Dr. Joyce Chan, professor of our college, Carey Theological college, at the booth in the "Canada Chinese Christian Winter Conference". Indeed, the Chinese program of our college is attracting me and helping me to achieve the goal of responding to our Lord's calling to me successfully.

What was your favourite aspect of your time at Carey?

I was really enjoyed the lecture time of each of the courses in every semester in the Carey Hall. The demonstrations from all the professors are the model of being the servant leader who are able to response the calling from our Lord to shepherding His children. Moreover, the hybrid system platform of the lectures, thesis postings, and the course discussions are equipping our classmates and I to encounter the era of the public communications under the digital media which is our Lord creation and under His control.

What do you intend to do next?

I'm planning to apply the D. Min. program in the future. For the training of the D. Min. course which can helping me to upgrade my knowledge in the biblical theological studying, the pastoral caring skill, and the leading congregation strategy. indeed, it will start after the church successfully planted.

How has your degree helped you in your ministry?

The M.Div. degree education has helped me to be equivalent to pick up the position for the "Church Planting of Cantonese Congregation". indeed, the biblical theological knowledge, pastoral caring skill, and the spiritual formation in M.Div. degree courses are helping me to successful in participating in the sermon preaching, pastoral caring for the congregation members, and leading the voluntary co-workers in the Sunday worship at all.


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